About Us


More than 40 years ago Magruder Window Coverings began in the utility room of the founders, Rose Ellen & George Magruders, home. As the business grew they moved it to the sun room of their home. The only employees were Rose Ellen doing the selling, designing and sewing of the window treatments while George handled all of the installations at night and on the weekend after he worked his "real" job. As their two sons, Mike and Tommy, got older they became part of the installation team and really thought they had "arrived" when they were given their own ladder and electric drill.

After about 15 years the workroom was moved into a building in the Magruders’ backyard and they hired their first non-family full time employees. They started to outgrow their backyard building very quickly. As if it was fate, the building was struck by lightning—but no damage occurred to their machines. George told Rosie that that was God’s way of telling them it was time to move on to something bigger. They established their next location in West Columbia, SC where they would remain for 31 years. George and Rose Ellen set up a very modern workroom with "state of the art" machinery. This gave them the capability to increase production and handle much larger commercial and residential jobs. At that time, George and his sons gave up their "real" jobs and became full time employees of the company.

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In 2002, Rose Ellen and George’s grandson Bruce Fagan joined the installation side of the business. With the passing of Rose Ellen in December 2015, Bruce's wife Heather Fagan decided to join the family business. In January 2017, Bruce and Heather purchased the company from George Magruder with the hope of continuing his vision:

helping customers make their homes and businesses as beautiful and functional as desired, while providing a high quality product for a fair price.